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IT Station Blocks for Night Creatures

After learning about nocturnal animals, students will create habitats using blocks and pretend play with nocturnal animal figures.

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Naming nocturnal animals and creating their habitats made fun!

Nocturnal animals are fascinating to students since it is hard to understand sleeping during the day and being awake at night. They’re also fascinated because they don’t really get to see them in person since they are usually sleeping. Learning about these animals is fun for the students, so after reading and discussing, students will enjoy building habitats using legos and then pretend playing with toy figures will allow for students to put new vocabulary into practice.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Nighttime by Maurice Pledger


Nocturnal animal figures

Box wrapped in black paper

Learning Outcomes




Curiosity, Initiative and Risk Taking


Building with blocks

Pretend play with toys


Step 1

Have students sit down and turn all the lights off. Pull the shades down and have a flashlight.

Step 2

Read Nighttime by Maurice Pledger using a flashlight. 

Step 3

Discuss with students what animals are nocturnal and what that means. Hold up the different nocturnal toy figures and name them one by one. 

Step 4

Explain that in the blocks center this week, they can use the black box by place it on its side, and then using blocks, build a habitat for the nocturnal animals. Students can use the figures to pretend play using the blocks.

Playful Questions

How many nocturnal animals can you name?

Why do some animals stay awake during the day and some at night?

Are any humans nocturnal? Why?

What do nocturnal animals eat?

What is the largest nocturnal animal?

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