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Bug Bingo

This activity is a fun way for your kiddo to learn the names of insects. Children will work extra hard to learn the names of each insect so that they can mark them down on their cards. Then, using pattern recognition, they’ll examine their cards to decide when it’s time to shout “BINGO!”

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Learn about insects and WIN!

This is a great game to play with just one kiddo and even more fun if there are some friends or siblings in the room. Using the included printable Insect Bingo cards, the children will listen carefully to the bugs that are being called and mark them on their cards. They’ll have to keep a close eye on their cards throughout the game so they’ll know when they’ve won and it’s time to call “BINGO!”

🔀 Change it up. Extend this activity by using a different rule each time you play, such as forming a line, 4 corners, a box and an X. 

📚 Books to explore: Ultimate Bugopedia: The Most Complete Bug Reference Ever by Darlyne A Murawski and Nancy Honovich, I Love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges, and Bug Galore By Peter Stein.

🏆 Get competitive. Keep the kiddos even more interested by awarding a small prize to the winner!


For this activity you will need:

  • Printable bingo cards 

  • Scissors 

  • Small coins (or other dabbers)

Learning Outcomes




Identifying patterns


Recognizing patterns in their environment


Step 1:

Print out the included bingo cards.

Step 2:

Using scissors, cut out the bingo cards. Cut one set of insects individually to use as your calling cards.

Step 3:

Shuffle the calling cards and call them out one by one.

Step 4:

Explain to the child what the winning pattern is (e.g. a line, X, box or 4 corners).

Step 5:

For each insect that is called out, have the child mark it down on their card with a coin or other dabber.

Step 6:

Once a child has gotten the winning pattern on their card, have them shout “bingo!”

⬆️ For older kiddos: Instead of announcing the names of the insects, just hold up the cards and have the child call out the names.

⬇️ For younger kiddos: If the rules of Bingo are too difficult, use this as a matching game instead.

Playful Questions

  • How many different insects can you name?

  • What insects are in the four corners?

  • How many insects are on the page?

  • Where are some places that we can find real insects?

  • What colors does a [insect name] have?

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