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Infant Carousel Horse

Infants will observe how a fun and simple hand made toys can be so much fun to play with.

Playing with hand made toys can be so much fun!

Using very few materials infants will have fun playing with the hand made ribbbon pull toy that the educator has created. This simple activity really sparks curiosity, helps with fine motor development and the child will feel accomplished moving the ribbon from side to side.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Paper Cups

Curling Ribbon

Scissors + a Ball-Point Pen

Learning Outcomes


Cognition, Physical


Observation & Inquiry, Physical Science, Fine Motor Development, Curiosity, Initiative & Risk-Taking, Creative Thinking, Problem-Solving, Reasoning


 Infants will evoke curiosity through playing with the ribbon and moving it back and forth within the hand made toy.


Step 1:

Use the ball-point pen to punch holes in the opposite side of the paper cups (just below the rim).

Step 2:

Thread about 12” of ribbon through the holes.  Be sure to tie a knot in each end to prevent the ribbon from slipping back through the holes!  

Step 3:

Show the children how to slide the ribbon back and forth.

Playful Questions

Can you see how the ribbon moves?

Can you use both hands? Show them your hands.

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