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Infant: Bubbles, Music, and Dancing

Babies typically love bubbles and music. Combining the two aspects will create excitement and engagement. They whole experience will be more meaningful.

Babies love singing and dancing with bubbles.

Bubbles are a great way of encouraging movement. Since they Bubbles start as just some liquid and form into a wonderful colorful floating sphere is something just so enamoring. So at any age they are great for exploration whether they can blow bubbles or just watch, catch, and move with them. 

Combining a song to learn along with gross motor movement will help the child retain information. Children are active learners who learn best through the multi sensory route. With music, bubbles, and children all in one will provide for an enriched experience. 


For this developmental activity you will need:

Bubble Wand or Machine 

Bubble Solution 

Rainbow Bubble Song

Learning Outcomes


Language, Physical


Music, Movement and Dance, Curiosity, Initiative, Risk-Taking, Creative Thinking, Problem-Solving, Reasoning, Attention, Engagement, Persistence, Memory and Reflection


Improving receptive and expressive language along with gross motor skills.


Step 1:

Sing the song "Rainbow Bubbles." 

Sung to "Up on the Housetop"

First came a bubble passing by,

Shining a rainbow in my eye!

Then came another and many more,

Until they filled the bright blue sky!

Bubbles shine, all around!

Bubbles float, up and down!

All from the bubble passing by,

Shining a rainbow in my eye!

Step 2:

Sing or play the song again. This time, blow bubbles. Encourage the children to dance, clap their hands, pop the bubbles, or simply enjoy the experience.

Playful Questions

Can you make the bubble pop?

Can you clap your hands? 

Can you shake your body?

Can you point to the bubbles?

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