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Improv Game for Kids

Many people have tried improv - it’s a great activity to have a couple of laughs and build friendships, and children love it too! Through this activity, the children must think on their feet and continue the story from one child to the next. Improv not only sparks creativity, but it also can also give children an opportunity to work on building friendships and being open about their ideas. This game is very fun and is best enjoyed with a smile and a laugh, so don’t forget to have a few!

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Build friendships, and explore different ideas and points of view through this improv game.

This improv game will promote quick thinking, build conversational tools, and teach school age children how work together and build friendships.

During the activity all you need is a marker, chart paper and a little bit of guidance to get the ideas flowing. The idea behind this activity is to get the children to think on their feet and have funny conversations. There is no set time limit, but it can be added to create difficulty. This activity works well in smaller breakout groups but can be done with one large class with children taking more frequent turns.


For this Activity you will need:

Large piece of chart paper

A Marker

An open space

Learning Outcomes






Play group games


Step 1:

Have the children gather around the chart paper so everyone can see

Step 2:

Have the children pick a where, when, and a what. (For example: Mars, tomorrow, a banana)

Step 3:

The goal of this activity to have each child use the three things to tell one long story together. The first child will start their story with "Once upon a time..." and the last child will end the story with "...they all live happily ever after". By the time all the children have added to the story in turn, the where, when and what words should have all been used at least once!

Step 4:

You can run the game again, switching which children start and end the story.

Playful Questions

These questions could fuel ideas before starting the activity:

What one place you want to travel to?

What is one thing you think is gross?

Where do you meet people?

What is a funny object?

Who could we pick to be in the story?

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