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An Ice Cream Story

Who doesn't like ice cream? It's sweet, creamy, and there are many, many flavors to choose from. Whether your children like to try unique flavors or prefer to stick with vanilla, this short story is great to spark a conversation about ice cream.

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Story Time!

Strawberry, mango,

In a cup or cone.

There are so many flavors

You can choose from.

There is nothing better:

Ice cream on the beach

Watermelon or grape,

Cotton candy or peach.

Vanilla or chocolate,

Pistachio or rose.

Are there any flavors

That you would oppose?

Strawberry cheesecake

Is truly amazing.

I love all of them

Except for the Raisin

Maybe, perhaps

You prefer to go wild.

Cilantro or cheese

That's a brave choice, child.

As a treat or reward

For such good behavior

Would you share with me

What's your favorite flavor?

By Mathias Neves

Learning Outcomes




Enjoying literacy


Showing pleasure and enjoyment during activities with language, music, and print materials

Activity Author

Photo of Mathias
Mathias| Author

Hi! I’m Mathias Neves, a Toronto-based Brazilian author. My books and short stories are mostly focused on mental health, but I believe the most boring of topics can be made interesting for children. When not writing, you can find me working as a digital marketer at HiMama.

Playful Questions

• What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

• When does my family eat ice cream?

• What's the weirdest flavor of ice cream you have ever tried?

• How do you like to have your ice cream?

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