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What Time is It, Mr. Wolf?

As children get ready to return to school or daycare, you want to help prepare them for social distancing and teach them how to interact with their friends. This game will help show your child they can still have fun while not being side by side with their peers.

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How to Play the Game

This fun traditional game is a great way to help teach your child about social distancing while getting support from their parents or teachers. The children line up on one side while a single child (the wolf) stands opposite them and facing away. The wolf yells out what time it is and the other children (the bunnies) take the steps closer to the other side. When the wolf thinks that the bunnies are close, it’s dinner time and the bunnies have to run all the way back to the starting line before the wolf gets there!

✨ Pro Tip: Have the child who arrives at the line last become the next wolf. 

🦺 Stay safe! Encourage your child that they need to keep some distance between themselves and their friends as they play.


For this activity you will need:

No materials

Learning Outcomes






Taking part in setting and following rules and inviting others to join in play


Step 1:

Gather up a group of children in a large park or yard.

Step 2:

Get them set up for the game by having them line up six feet apart from each other. These children will be the bunnies.

Step 3:

Designate one child as “Mr. Wolf” and have them stand on the opposite side of the play area facing away.

Step 4:

Have one bunny ask, “what time is it, Mr. Wolf?” The wolf replies with a time and the bunnies will take the corresponding number of steps (e.g. taking 5 steps if the time is 5:00).

Step 5:

When the wolf thinks the bunnies are close, instead of giving a number he/she will reply, “it’s dinner time!” When this is said, the bunnies have to run back to the line before the wolf gets there. The last child to get to the line becomes the new wolf for the next game.

⬆️  For the older preschooler:  Have them hop or skip instead of walk.

⬇️  For the younger toddler: They may need some adult guidance on the instructions and getting tips and reminders as they play.

Playful Questions

What do you do when the wolf calls out a time?

What do you do when the wolf says dinnertime?

Where is the start line? 

Where is the finish line? 

What sound does a wolf make?

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