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Hose Jump

Working on enhancing gross motor skills through play.

Enhance gross motor skills through play!

Working on gross motor skills helps a child gain strength and confidence in their body. It also helps them get exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. Developing these skills through play such as this helps a child's ability to do more complex skills in future activities. It also:

Improves Coordination - The different heights of the stepping stones and logs teach better balance and movement while increasing the child’s sense of coordination in a safe environment

Teaches Confidence - When a child is able to take risks and accomplish the task they set their mind and body to complete makes them feel confident. They also become more agile making them more self aware of the body as well as enhance their spatial awareness. 

Learning Through Play - Play builds brains. While the child feels as though they are playing they are developing and enhancing so many parts of their brain and body.


Garden hose

Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor Skills and Bilateral Coordination


Physical Health, Growth Gross Motor Development, Trust and Relationships.



Set out a garden hose in a straight or squiggly line. 

Step 2:

Invite the children to find ways to move from one side of the hose to another.

Children may step, crawl, or jump over the hose depending on their age and skill level. 

Step 3:

Celebrate children's attempts and determination as they participate and play together.

Playful Questions

Can you jump really high? 

How can you balance your body? 

Can you figure out a fun way to move from one side of the hose to the other without using your feet? 

Is the jump rump long or short? 

Can you count how many times you can jump?

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