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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Explore the anatomy of the body while learning new words.

Learning and Identifying Oneself!

Bringing self awareness to the child about their body through visual objects (books, flash cards, puzzles) along with singing a song is a great way for a child to better identify themselves. 

By providing receptive and expressive vocabulary in different mediums children will retain more information. Combined with singing and dancing to song deepens their understandings of the concepts.


Body Parts Vocabulary Card, Body Parts  Puzzle, or Body Parts Flash Cards (see Resources)

American Babies and Leo Can Swim board books

Learning Outcomes


Language, Physical


Receptive and Expressive Language, Understanding Body Anatomy through Self Awareness.


Receptive Language (Listening) Expressive Language (Speaking)

Foundational Reading 

Self-Awareness and Self-Concept


Step 1:

Bring out the Body Parts Vocabulary Card, Body Parts Puzzle, or Body Parts Flash Cards and look at it with the children (see Resources) 

Step 2:

Point to the different body parts. Ask them questions. 

Step 3:

Sing the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." 

Step 4:

Point to each body part as you sing it in the song. Encourage the children to join you by saying words in the song as they are able to or pointing to body parts.

Playful Questions

What body parts do you see? 

What body part am I pointing to? 

Can you find the eyes? 

What other body parts can you find on the body or on yourself?

What body part is up? What body part is down?

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