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Happy New Year Hand Sign

Receive the New Year by creating fun decorations through open ended art experiences.

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Make a fun Happy New Year Sign using your hands and paint!

Receiving the New Year is always exciting. You can involve your children in the process by making signs for the New Year. In this activity children will involve their senses to create a fun art experience.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Large light colored construction or cardstock paper or large butcher paper

Fingerpaints in various colors


Learning Outcomes


Cognitive, Language


Discover your senses, develop fine motor skills and develop creativity and imagination through an art experience.


Develop creativity and imagination

Develop Fine motor skills

Develop sensory skills


Step 1:

Discuss with the children what the New Year means. Talk about how you will celebrate the New Year and how you can create decorations for the celebration using their hands.

Step 2:

Squeeze fingerpaint in shallow containers or paint, in which children can easily insert their hands to get paint on them.

Step 3:

Prepare the paper you will use. Lay it flat on a table. 

Step 4:

Have the children stamp their hands on the paper next to each other. You can choose if you want  two children to put their hands to each other to use one hand for each 2022 digit, or if you want them to randomly choose where they want to stamp their hands. Make sure there is an adult available to assist with hand washing.

Step 5:

With markers, have children write the 2022 digits printing one numeral on the palm of each hand, add decorations or even write Happy New Year!


Extend this activity: You can also provide arts & crafts supplies to add more color and decorations

Playful Questions

What year do you think will be next year?

How would you like to celebrate your New Year?

What are your family traditions?

What decoration can you create to make it unique?

What can you deduct from 2022 digits?

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