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Explore body self awareness through measurement, observation, and spatial sense.

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Introduce measurement, age, birthdays, self and body awareness.

Children are naturally ego driven, therefore inviting a child to learn and explore more about themselves deepens their self-awareness and connection to their body by making it focused on them. 

Making the activity connected to a birthday cake, which is something that is familiar, helps them associate how old they are, and that every year when they grow, they also become older. 

Through measuring their body and counting candles representing their age, they become more self aware of who they are.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Butcher Paper

Markers, Crayons, Tempera Sticks 

Candles or Craft Sticks 

Measuring Tape

Learning Outcomes


Social and Emotional, Physical, Cognitive


Number Sense, Quantity, and Operations Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement and Data, Observation and Inquiry, Self-Awareness and Self-Concept, Trust and Relationships


Children will learn mathematics.


Step 1:

Talk about each child's age and how much they have grown this year.

Step 2:

Before the activity, draw a birthday cake on a large sheet of paper.

Step 3:

Bring out a measuring tape. Talk with the children about how measuring tape can be used to see how big and tall objects are. Wonder aloud how tall each child is. See if anyone would like to find out. Repeat with any child who is interested. Draw attention to the numbers on the measuring tape. 

Step 4:

Talk about how each of the children have grown so much this year. They are growing bigger each and every day. 

Step 5:

Ask the children if they know how old they are. Some older toddlers might remember on their own, but most children will need a reminder. 

Step 6:

Bring out the picture of the birthday cake, along with jumbo birthday candles. Help each child place the correct number of candles on the cake for her age. Count the candles together.

Playful Questions

How old are you?

How many candles does your cake need? 

Can you guess how old you will be in one year?

Are you tall or small?

 Can you guess how tall you are? 

What kind of cake do you like?

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