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Gratitude Wreath

Thanksgiving is a great time to discuss all that we have to be thankful for. This is a great activity to introduce the concept of gratitude and being thankful for things for young children. This activity can be done for a classroom or as a family at home. Keep this activity and add to it every year as a reminder for everything we can be thankful for!

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Create a bright and cheery gratitude wreath

This wreath combines the act of writing down what we’re grateful for with beautiful fall colors and leaves. This activity is a great way to introduce the concept of being thankful and grateful for what we have in our life and introducing this concept to young children. Children will love to fill up the wreath and this is a great decoration to add to every year!

🍁Instant Decor: Hang this wreath in a place that is visible. Add photos for younger children who cannot read to remind them of everything they have to be thankful for!

📅 New Tradition! This activity can start a great tradition for a family! Add to it each holiday or a few times a year until you have a giant wreath full of gratitude.

👦 Did You Know? Typically by age 3 children begin to understand that they are a unique individual part of our world- hence why toddlers often say “mine.”


For this activity you will need:

Red, orange, and yellow construction paper

Print out of leaves to trace





Glue stick


Learning Outcomes




Identity Formation


Understanding culture in concrete daily living within own family.


Step 1:

Start by introducing the concept of gratitude and thankfulness to children, and encourage them to think about everything they have to be thankful for.

Step 2:

Next, trace some leaves out of your construction paper and cut them out. If children are able to, have them cut the leaves out using child-safe scissors.

Step 3:

Next, have the children write down (or use hand-over-hand technique) what they’re thankful for on a leaf. Repeat as many times on new leaves as they’d like.

Step 4:

Cut a large circle out of your cardboard and cut out the middle so a 1” ring is now left.

Step 5:

Begin to add the leaves to your cardboard circle using glue and glue them around the ring.

Step 6:

Once dry and full of gratitude leaves, hang in a visible place to remind everyone what they have to be thankful for!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Older preschoolers may enjoy this activity a bit more as their sense of self and others is a bit more formed. Turn this activity into a daily one and write down one thing they are thankful for.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Gratitude may be a hard concept for them; start with the basics first. Young children can be thankful that they ate a good breakfast today or they got to play with their favorite toy, Eventually, they can begin to think about other people and begin to understand that not everyone is as lucky as them.

Playful Questions

Was it tricky to think of what you’re grateful for?

What is something you did today that was kind?

How can you help other friends who might not be as lucky as you?

How did you feel when you were thinking about all of the things you were grateful for?

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