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Giant Soap Bubble Experiment

Get your child excited about summer with this fun science experiment! After some measuring and mixing, head outside and run around to create some seriously giant bubbles.

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Let’s make some bubbles!

Roll up your sleeves for this fun science experiment. This activity is broken into two parts. First, gather some ingredients and have your child help you create your bubble mixture. Then, set it aside to do part two and create your bubble wand with some straws and string. The straws will be used as handles and the string will help create the bubble and hold the mixture. Have fun!  

☀️Messy alert! This activity is best done outside while enjoying a warm, sunny day!

📚 Books to explore: Bubble Bubble by Mercer Mayer, The Bubble Factory By Tomie dePaola, and Bubbles Bubbles by Kathi Appelt.

📷 Picture perfect. Get a great picture or video of the giant bubbles!


For this activity you will need:

2 cups of dish soap 

2 tablespoons of baking powder 

2 tablespoons of cornstarch 

4 tablespoons of glycerin 

Large bowl 

6 cups of water 

Mixing spoon 

2 straws



Learning Outcomes




Comparing quantities


Counting to compare quantities


To make the bubble recipe 

Step 1:

Stir the water and cornstarch together.

Step 2:

Mix in the dish soap, baking powder, and glycerin. Stir slowly until all mixed well.

Step 3:

Set aside to sit for an hour or more.

Making the bubble wand 

Step 1:

Take your two straws and thread the string through both.

Step 2:

Use enough string so the 2 straws can be held separated by 1-2 feet. Cut the string and tie the ends together.

Step 3:

Find an open area outside and drop the wand in the bubbles. 

Step 4:

Let your child run and create some fun bubbles!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Have your child read out the recipe along with doing the work of measuring and mixing. This will help build more independence.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Give your smaller child some hand over hand help with the measuring.

Playful Questions

What is a measuring cup? 

What do you think bubbles are made of?

What shape do you think the bubbles will make?

How big do you think the bubbles will be?

What’s inside of a bubble?

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