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Getting Dressed

Children will learn independence through testing and trying different clothing items.

Time to get dressed!

In this activity children will learn, observe, and practice getting dressed. With the help of puppets, toys are felt people children can get a birds eye of where and how clothes should be worn. This will allow for observation and exploration. It's also a great opportunity for dress up time. Children will feel accomplished and independent when trying on different clothing items.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Books about getting ready/dressed

Puppet with various puppet clothing and accessories

Dress-up clothes for various seasons

Learning Outcomes


Language, Physical


Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Fine Motor Development


Children will learn about different clothing items we wear and how to put them on and take them off independently.


Step 1:

After reading a story about getting ready in the morning, ask students how they get dressed in the morning? Do they pick out their own clothes? Does someone help them? How do they know what to wear? Do they wear different clothes when it’s warm outside than when it’s cold outside? 

Step 2:  

Bring out puppets or felt children and say, “We need to get our friend dressed for the day! Who can help me decide what he should wear?” Discuss what he should wear and pick volunteers to help him get dressed. (this is something that can be done each day to go along with discussing the weather)

Step 3:

Show the dress-up clothes brought in.

Step 4:

Place dress-up clothes in the dramatic play area and encourage children to discuss the types of clothing when trying them on. Encourage independence with buttons, zippers, etc. for practice.

Activity Author

Photo of Nina-Marie Mariconda
Nina-Marie Mariconda| Registered Early Childhood Educator

Nina-Marie Mariconda is the owner and operator of Cloud 9 Child Care. When she was expecting her first born she wanted to know more about Child Development and how to positively shape the leaders of tomorrow. She has been a RECE and practicing in the field for almost 7 years and she enjoys every aspect that comes with it. Her career makes life fun!

Playful Questions

Which clothes do you wear when it’s spring?

Which clothes do you wear when it’s summer?

Which clothes do you wear when it’s fall?

Which clothes do you wear when it’s winter?

Why do we wear accessories? (hats, glasses, shoes)