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Galaxy Dough Recipe

Playdough is such a great activity for children of any age. It helps young children calm down with its soft and soothing texture, and older children will love to get super creative with it by molding it into different shapes and figures.

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This galaxy themed playdough is out of this world!

Playdough is incredibly versatile and allows children to explore their creative side by building shapes and objects. It’s also a great tool to use to help younger children calm down when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Get lots of the dark color of this galaxy dough sprinkled with glitter. Easy to make and fun to use!

📚Blend it up! Try making a batch of purple dough and a batch of black dough. Blend them together to create a milky-way effect with two colors! 

🥣 New Word Alert! Help children understand common measurement terms such as cup, tablespoon, mix, blend, knead etc. You’ll be surprised how quickly they can use it in their play!

🌟 Get Creative: Add marbles, star stickers, glow in the dark stars etc. to the sensory bin for a fun surprise!


For this activity you will need:

2 cups flour

1 cup water

½ cup salt

Splash of vegetable/melted coconut oil

Black acrylic paint



Cookie cutters, playdough scissors, cookie molds etc.

Learning Outcomes




Expressive Language


Using a variety of materials to build with and express their ideas


Step 1:

In a bowl, mix together the first three ingredients. Once smooth, add oil, a little bit at a time, to help achieve a super smooth consistency.

Step 2:

Once smooth, add a few drops of black acrylic paint. This is the fun part of kneading the dough to incorporate the black paint until consistent throughout.

Step 3:

Add glitter to create the stars in the galaxy and knead until smooth.

Step 4: 

Set out the dough on a hard flat table or individual sensory bin for children and explore the galaxy!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Older preschoolers can easily follow instructions whether written or verbal. Encourage them to make the dough on their own. Too liquidy? Add more flour. Too dry? Add more water. You can’t mess up playdough!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: This is a great way to explore texture and hand-eye coordination. Challenge them to make shapes with their dough.

Playful Questions

Can you make a long snake with your dough?

I have 3 small dough balls, can you help me count them?

Can you help me divide the dough evenly amongst the friends at our table?

What would happen if we added more water/flour? How would this change the texture of the dough?

Can you help count the spoonfuls of flour to our bowl?

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