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Fruit Tasting Activity

Kids can be picky eaters, so what better way to introduce healthy foods than by incorporating some fun into meal time with this fruit tasting activity? Using the provided description cards, this activity introduces new vocabulary and opens up discussion about different food experiences. The children will love trying new foods and choosing which adjectives best describe them!

Download and Print

Activity PDF

Explore food and language for a delicious learning experience!

Fruits are great teaching tools because they are a healthy snack, inexpensive and have vast flavor profiles, textures and origins from around the world! Children will sample the different fruits that have been placed in front of them and use the printable description cards provided here to think about which words best describe each bite they take.

👩‍ Get a (little) helping hand. Extend this activity by involving your kiddo in the kitchen and having them help you cut and peel the fruit (with careful supervision or hand-over-hand technique, of course).

🌎 Travel the world. Learn even more about each fruit by exploring where each fruit grows and the journey it took to get to your house.

🌱 Explain how fruit is made. Now is the perfect time to teach your kiddo all about how fruit grows from a seed into the yummy snack that’s right in front of them!


For this activity you will need:

  • A variety of fruits with different sizes, colors and textures

  • Cutting board

  • Sharp knife

  • Printable fruit tasting guide

Learning Outcomes




Using descriptive language


  • Using new vocabulary.

  • Using full sentences.


Step 1:

Print the included fruit tasting guide.

Step 2:

Wash all of the fruit thoroughly.

Step 3:

Cut all of the fruit into small, bite sized pieces for your child. 

Step 4:

Have your child try a piece of fruit. Ask your child to use describing words to explain what the fruit tastes, feels and looks like.

Step 5:

Have the child place the fruit pieces on the cards that best describe them. If they cannot read yet, read the words out loud one by one.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 4 and 5 with each of the other fruits that have been prepared.

🖨️ Keep the fun going. If you are able to, laminate the printable fruit tasting guide so you can wipe clean and use it again and again!

Playful Questions

Which fruit(s) tasted sweet/sour?

Which fruit(s) were fuzzy/bumpy/smooth/crunchy/juicy?

Which fruit(s) did you like the most/least? Why?

How do you think this fruit grows?

How did this fruit get to our house?

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