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Forest Moves

Introduce the forest habitat through song and dance. The songs provided highlight the animals movements, and the visual makeup of the forest habitat.

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Animals to Remember with Song and Dance!

Have some much needed fun through movement and memory of the forest. Introduce song and dance in an educational way to get them excited about the forest.

Read the book in the materials to the children, and help them to make sense of the concepts and images of animals in it. Allow children to be comfortable and participate as a group.  Associate movement with the animals, and encourage the children to imitate the movements that go with the words of the song.

They will be able to demonstrate their gross motor development through movement and dance when singing the song, and acting it out. The children will be able to sing along to the melody, and identify words they have learned about with the forest adventures.

Children will exhibit prosocial behaviour and a sense of self through song and movement with peers during this activity. Be aware of children who exhibit social anxiety when including them in this activity.

For children limited in movement, consider drawing comparisons between some forest animals, and acting them out for those who are not able to move. Exhibits prosocial behaviour and sense of self through song and movement with peers.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Book Who’s in the Forest?

Music for "Forest Moves"

Learning Outcomes


Social (Primary) and Physical (Secondary)



Use creative expression and language to engage the children in movement and singing. This will enhance their understanding of nature and animals through foundational reading as well.


Step 1:

Play and sing the song "Forest Moves."

Step 2:

Read the book Who’s in the Forest?

Step 3:

Help them to think about each animal, how they move, what sounds they make. Invite the children to show you their ideas. Repeat all the other actions in the song. 

Step 4:

Sing the song again. Encourage children to create movements to go with the words. Repeat several times.

Forest Moves

Sung to "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"

Can you scamper like a squirrel?

Can you give your tail a twirl?

Can you sniff like a fox?

Who is hiding in the rocks?

Can you freeze like a deer?

Who hears something coming near?

We can do it too!

Can you swoop? Can you fly?

Like a bird up in the sky?

Can you climb up in a tree?

Like a bear who found some bees?

Can you lie still and stare?

Like a 'possum who is scared?

We can do it too!

Playful Questions

How do squirrels move when they scamper?

How does the bear move in the forest?

What sound does the owl make?

How does the owl move?

Where does the bird move?

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