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Forest Adventure Introduction

In this activity, children will have an opportunity to learn all about the forest! I

Today, let's go on an adventure and learn all about forests!

In this activity, children will have an opportunity to learn all about the forest!  In this activity, children will focus on woodland forests and learn what makes up a forest.  Learn about different types of trees and also about some of the animals that might live in the forest.  

Things to talk about. A forest is an area that is full of trees that are close together!  Other names for a forest are woods or woodlands.

Search for trees online. Check out some different kinds of trees on the internet.  Do we have these trees where we live?

Breathe in the evergreen. Light an evergreen scented candle and invite the children to come and sniff! 

(caution: open flame supervise well)


For this developmental activity you will need:

Forest Sign Language Display

Digital device

Evergreen candle or tree air freshener

Learning Outcomes


Language, Cognitive, Physical


Using Descriptive and Receptive Language, Gross Motor Development


Using new vocabulary.

Using full sentences.

Physically exploring the forest.


Step 1:

Introduce the new theme to children.

Step 2: 

Ask the children if they know what is a forest?  What do the children know about forests?

Step 3: 

Present the Forest Sign language Card

Step 4: 

Light the candle and invite children to smell.

Keep the fun going. If you are able to, take the kiddos out to the real forest! 

Playful Questions

What does the air smell like?

Are all trees the same?

Have you ever felt tree bark?

Have you ever been to the forest?

What would you do if you were in the forest right now?

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