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Flying Fish Catch

Catch ‘em if you can! This fun activity helps kids practice their hand-eye coordination and can be modified to be done inside on a rainy day or outside using wet sponges on a sunny day!

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How many fish can you catch in your bucket?

Catch the slippery fish and practice your hand-eye coordination with this fun game! This activity helps kiddos practice catching objects as well as throwing them. Grab some sponges and cut them into a “fish” shape, soak them with water and have your child catch them in a shallow dish!

Stuck Inside? Switch up the wet fish sponges with something less messy...socks! Roll up 2 socks together and have your child practice throwing and catching them in the pot!

🐟 Game-ify it! How many fish can you catch in a row? 

🤕 Save them for later. Don’t throw out the sponges when you’re done; freeze wet sponges and put them on boo-boos — kids love them!


For this activity you will need:

Sponges of different colors

Scissors or an Exacto knife

Permanent marker

A large pot or basket

Learning Outcomes




Gross motor


Throwing and catching with increased co-ordination


Step 1:

Trace the outline of a fish onto the sponges and cut them out. Aim to have about 6-8 sponges for the game.

Step 2:

Get the sponges wet in water and wring out some (but not all) of the water from them.

Step 3:

Have your child hold the pot/basket and toss the fish to them to try and catch them in their pot/basket. Careful — they may splash when they land!

Step 4: 

Trade spots and have your child try to throw the fish into the pot/basket for you!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Make the sponges different sizes to increase the difficulty in the game.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: One “job” may be easier than the other (throwing over catching or vice versa.) Lean into this and build their confidence; once they’ve mastered either the throwing or catching, switch it up to have them practice the other skills of this game!

Playful Questions

Can you catch only the “big” fish I throw?

How many blue fish can you catch in a row?

How many fish can you catch in 30 seconds?

Have you ever seen a fish jump out of the water before?

Can you throw the fish using your other hand?

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