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Finding Numbers

Explore number recognition through a collaborative hands on game.

Gaining number sense through gross motor play!

Children are active by nature. When you combine any physical activity with learning children they are able to focus and retain more information. 

Playing a game together also helps children gain confidence and learn from one another. As they collaboratively learn numbers in a group effort they will become more confident. 

When the children are actively moving around the room to search and find their numbers they are enhancing their gross motor skills, cognitive and critical thinking, and as they bring the number to place it on the paper they are sorting and classifying the numbers.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Wooden Numbers, Stickers, or Paper Cut Outs




Learning Outcomes




Identifying numbers


Number Sense, Quantity, and Operations, Physical Health, Growth and Gross Motor Development. 


Step 1:

Either print and cut out the numerals one to five on small squares of paper or use wooden numbers.


Step 2:

Show children the numbers and then hide them around the room.

Step 3:

Invite the children to crawl, walk, or carefully run around the room and search for the numbers. 

Step 4:

As children find the paper pieces, invite them to identify or guess the number they found. Help them by saying, "X, I noticed you found the number X." Young children might not be able to identify each numeral, but they might associate and match the ones that look the same on the paper. 

Step 5:

Count aloud from one to five at the end of the activity and invite children to join you!

Playful Questions

How many numbers do you see? 

How many numbers do you think you can find? 

How many numbers are you going to find? 

How many numbers are hidden? 

How many numbers do we have here?

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