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Fall Coloring Page - Free Printable

Looking for a fun fall coloring page? You've found it! These beautiful leaves will get your kiddos exploring all kinds of colours. Make sure you ask them about why and when the leave change color and teach them about hibernation! You can even explatin to them about how the temperature drops, or talk to them about the holiday of thanksgiving.

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Color fall leaves with this free printable

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. The all of the trees turn into such beautiful colours, the animals are scurrying about preparing for hibernation and something about the smell of the air is just so great! With this fall colouring page your kiddos will get to explore all of the beautiful aspects of fall with just some paper and crayons. Make sure to let them explore their creativity but ask the about what colors they see the trees become in the real world! It's also a great time to talk to them about fall things like hibernation or holidays like thanksgiving or halloween!

Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor Skills


Controlling small muscles

  • What color are leaves in the fall?

  • Why do you think tree loose there leave in the fall?

  • What to the animals do at the end of fall?

  • What do you eat for thanksgiving?

  • What happens to the temperature in the fall?

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