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Fair Sweets and Treats

Children will build a better understanding of signs and depictions through treats offered at the fair.

Yummy treats offered at the fair!

This activity will definitly be a fan favorite. The fair has so many yummy things to eat.

Educators will provide an overview of the fiar and how treats are provided. This will really spark children's imagination and their taste buds!


For this developmental activity you will need:

Eat and drink sign language cards

Pictures of fair treats to eat and drink

Crackers with jam


Learning Outcomes


Cognitive, Language


Receptive & Expressive Language, Comprehension


Children will learn the signs for “eat” and “drink”


Step 1:

Review the signs for “eat” and “drink” with the children.  Show the children how to form their hands and say the words together,

Step 2:

Show the children a variety of pictures of the fair day treats and ask them if they treat is eaten or drank.  Explain that sometimes the treats are for sale and sometimes they are made to be part of a food contest.  Encourage a discussion about what types of treats the children have tried before.  Model the signs and encourage the children to participate. Say the rhyme “Fair Sweets & Treats”.

Step 3:

Conclude the activity by preparing the snack together and reviewing the signs for eat and drink as the children enjoy a snack together.

Fair Sweets & Treats

Sweets & Treats!  Sweets & Treats!

The fair has so many yummy things to eat.

Ice cream, pie, snow cones and more!

I have never tasted so many treats before!

Older Toddlers might wish to help with the preparation of the snack!

Activity Author

Photo of Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam
Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam| Early Childhood Educator and Administrator

Meet Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam. Yasmeen is the Administrator of three preschools in Alameda, CA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources & Marketing, a minor in Human Development specializing in Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. She has over 20 years of combined experience in the classroom and administration. She believes children thrive in an environment filled with intention, beauty, curiosity, and wonder. Yasmeen's goal is to provide resources to empower educators, parents, and anyone for all things Early Childhood.

Playful Questions

What kind of treat have you tried at the fair before?

How did you receive the treat? Did you have to use money to pay for it?

What sign do you use if you would like a drink of lemonade?

Name some different flavors of icecream and what were their colors?

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