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Egg Cracking - Diversity Activity

This activity is an easy way to start building a positive view of race and diversity. Simply use a brown and white egg as visual aids to show that everyone is special in their own way but deep down inside we are similar.

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Are we the same inside?

This activity is a fun way to support a positive perspective of race and diversity. If possible, start with a book about diversity and race to help prompt conversation with your child. Then grab two different colored eggs and a plate. Talk about their visual differences and then crack them open to see they are the same inside. Talk about the similarities to people and how this applies to race as well. 

📚 Books to explore: Whoever You Are by Mem Fox; I Am Enough by Grace Byers; and It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr.

🌈 Decisions, decisions. You guide the conversation so don’t be afraid to answer questions from your child that they are curious about, like why are people treated differently. 

👪What makes you special? Have your child talk about their friends and their differences to seek a better understanding of how your child thinks. Then further the conversation of what makes their friends and themselves special.


For this activity you will need:


1 white egg 

1 brown egg

Learning Outcomes




Conversing with peers and adults


Understanding many culturally accepted ways of adjusting language.


Step 1:

Place the two eggs on a plate.

Step 2:

Invite your child to a conversation about the eggs, making sure to connect the egg color to skin color.

Step 3:

Have an open conversation about diversity with your child and then crack open both eggs to reveal that they are the same inside despite looking different on the outside.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Have your child predict what is inside the eggs and make your questions more specific. 

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Keep the points simple and help build an understanding that it’s okay for people to be different.

Playful Questions

What colors are the eggs? 

What do you think they look like inside? 

Do people have different colors of skin?

Are people all the same inside? Why?

Should we treat everyone the same or differently?

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