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Easter Egg Yarn Threading

This is an inexpensive and quick activity to create at home that the kids will love! Children will practice their fine motor skills using string, shoelaces or yarn to thread creative egg decorations. The materials are durable so the kiddos can practice multiple times without needing adult assistance for this activity.

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Practice fine motor skills using yarn and cardboard!

Kids love to feel independent and this activity will allow them to do just that! The kiddos will use their first finger and thumb to form the pincer grasp and weave the string in and out cardboard cutouts.

This activity can be done in multiple stages, including cutting out the egg, decorating it and then threading the string around the shape!

✂️ Fun in all shapes and sizes. Get extra creative by cutting the cardboard into shapes other than ovals.


For this activity you will need:

Cardboard or cardstock paper


String, yarn or shoe laces

Hole punch

Markers, crayons or paint

Learning Outcomes




Fine motor


Using pincer grasp to thread string through holes.


Step 1

Using scissors, cut the cardboard or cardstock into an egg (oval) approximately the size of an adult hand.

Step 2

Use a hole punch to create holes around the perimeter of the cutout, about 1 inch apart and ½ inch from the edge of the egg. If you don’t have a hole punch, scissors work as well — just make sure the holes are large enough to have string pass through them.

Step 3

Have the child decorate the egg using markers, crayons or paint.

Step 4

Using string, yarn or a shoelace to tie a knot around one hole in the cutout.

Step 5

Have the child weave the string in and out of each hole around the perimeter of the cutout.

Step 5

Once completed, encourage the child to unthread the string and then start all over again! 💡 Get extra crafty with your older kiddos! Try tying multiple strings with different colors to the egg to form interesting patterns.

Playful Questions

Can you make a zig zag pattern using the string?

Can you count how many holes you put the string through?

Can you lace two eggs together?

What other shapes should we cut out?

What colors should we use to decorate our egg?

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