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Easter Egg Roll Painting

This fun Easter activity is a great one to take outside and is easy to clean up. Get your children talking more about Easter, colors, and using their gross motor skills to have fun creating this simple craft.

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Let’s get rolling!

This is a great activity that is very process-driven, and children can talk through it as they use their gross motor skills to create a fun piece of art. It also has a simple clean-up! Start by adding some white paper, paint, and some plastic eggs, and your child will be using their arms to tilt and turn the bin to create something unique. This is a great way to introduce color mixing and the idea or patterns on Easter eggs. 

📚 Books to explore: How to Catch the Easter Bunny By Adam Wallace, Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure by James Den and Kimberly Dean, and Llama Llama Easter Egg by Anna Dewdney.

🌻 A bouquet of possibilities! - The designs and size of this activity have no boundaries so get creative! 

🖌️ Messy ALERT! - This craft can get messy so make sure to put down some newspaper, use a messy mate, or go outside.


For this activity you will need:

White paper


2-3 colors of paint 

2-3 plastic eggs 

1 medium bin or storage container

Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor


Balancing and coordination increases


Step 1:

Start by taping down white paper on the bottom of the bin.

Step 2:

Pick 2-3 different colors of paint and add a couple of blobs onto the paper.

Step 3:

Drop in 2-3 eggs 

Step 4:

Get ready for it to get messy!! Have your child hold the bin and tip the eggs to roll around in the paint. The eggs will pick up the paint and transfer it all over the paper.

Step 5:

Stop once your child is happy with their design and set aside to dry. 

✨ Pro-Tip - Once it’s dry, turn their creation into something fun! Make it a place card or add a magnet to the back and hang it on the fridge. 

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Have them help line the bottom of the bin with the paper.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Pick a smaller bin that is more to their size.

Playful Questions

What will happen if we roll some eggs around in this bin? 

What if we move the bin around, what will happen? 

What is happening to the paint?

What can we do with this creation when it’s dry?

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