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Discovery for All About Me

Children will explore using mirrors to gain better spacial awareness and begin to understand how to measure and observe shapes.

Discovery mirror fun!

Children will experiment using mirrors. They will be asked to observe what they can see in the mirror and draw it.

This activity involves measuring, spatial recognition, and learning different shapes.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Handheld mirrors

Full-length mirror

Various objects

Learning Outcomes




Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement and Data, Observation and Inquiry, Physical Science


Outcomes - exploring symmetry using mirrors and various toys.


Step 1:

Invite the children to experiment with two types of mirrors. How much of themselves can they see in the handheld mirror? What about the full-length mirror? 

Step 2:

Offer various objects for them to hold up to or set in front of the mirror to test as well. What can they see in the mirror versus what is in person? 

Step 3:

Have students draw a picture of what the object looks like in the mirror and have a friend guess what the object is.

Activity Author

Photo of Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes
Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes| Early Childhood Educators

Play to Grow is an online platform that provides virtual learning experiences for children in their early years. Our mission at Play to Grow is not only to offer unique educational opportunities but more importantly to keep little minds active, engaged, and excited to learn while promoting social and emotional development in lieu of traditional learning.

Playful Questions

What parts of the body can you see in the mirror?

Move your mouth, nose, and open and close your eyes? Do you see yourself moving in the mirror?

Can you say 'I am wonderful, I am great'?

For younger children: Can you hold the mirror? Can you hold it up so you can see your face?

For older toddlers: Can you move the mirror around to see other parts of yourself? Can you move your face outside of the frame (of the mirror?

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