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Dinosaurs Bingo - Free Printable

Dinosaurs bingo is a great activity to teach your little one the names of the most popular dinosaurs out there. This game is great to play with just one kiddo and even more fun if there are more children in the room. They will learn all about dinosaurs and also exercize pattern recognition to decide when it's time to shout BINGO.

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Learn about dinosaurs and call BINGO

Dinosaurs are very popular with kids, and this bingo game is perfect to teach them a bit more about these animals while having a lot of fun! Using the included dinosaur bingo printable, the children will listen carefully to the dinosaurs that are being called and mark them on their cards. They’ll have to keep a close eye on their cards throughout the game so they’ll know when they’ve won and it’s time to call “BINGO!” Also, you don't need a lot of materials for this activity. All you need is some paper, scissors, and small pieces that children can use to mark their cards. Are you ready to get started? Download your free printable and get as many copies as you need.

Learning Outcomes




Identifying patterns


Identifying, creating, copying and extending patterns

Playful Questions

  • What is your favorite dinosaur?

  • What sound does a dinosaur make?

  • How big were the dinosaurs?

  • How many dinosaurs are on the page?

  • What dinosaurs are in the four corners?

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