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Measuring Dinosaurs Activity

This is a fun activity to have your kiddo measuring and talking about height. Using toy dinosaurs, children will learn how to measure their height and recreate it using building blocks.

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Take your love of dinosaurs to new heights!

We all know that dinosaurs are really tall, but just how tall are they? In this activity, you’ll teach your kiddo all about height by having them measure dinosaurs in a few ways that are easy for them to understand. All you need are a couple of items from around the house and you are set! Children will stack lego or other building blocks to reach the height of their favorite toy dinosaurs (or other animals) and then mark the heights on a piece of paper. Combining measuring, counting and comparing, there are so many skills to develop in this activity!

📚 Books to explore: Roar! Roar! Baby Dinosaur by DK, Tea Rex by Molly Idle, How to be a T. Rex by Ryan North.

🦒 Fun with a friend. It doesn’t have to be just dinosaurs for this activity — try using other animals or objects around the house!

🖌️ Choose your tools. Try measuring with string or other objects that can be easily stacked.


For this activity you will need:

Lego blocks 

Large dinosaur toys (or other animals)

Chart paper or construction paper 


Learning Outcomes




Measuring length, weight and capacity, temperature, time and money


Using non-standard measuring tools, such as their feet, hands, a piece of string, when they play, build or create.


Step 1:

Set out several large toy dinosaurs or other animals.

Step 2:

Have the child name each animal.

Step 3:

Have your kiddo help you create a chart on the paper with the names of the animals at the bottom and numbers along the left (e.g. 20 at the top if you are using large blocks).

Step 4:

Choose one animal and have the child build a tower using lego (or other blocks) that is the same height.

Step 5:

Have the child count the blocks. 

Step 6:

Mark the number of blocks down on the chart.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Use blocks that don’t lock together for an added challenge of building a tower that stands on its own.

⬇️ For toddlers: Be careful that younger children aren’t putting small lego pieces in their mouths and instead use larger blocks.

Playful Questions

How tall do you think the dinosaur will be? 

What other things can we use to measure with? 

Do you think dinosaurs were bigger or smaller in real life?

How tall do you think you are?

What other animals should we measure?

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