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Day and Night Game

Enhance a child’s gross and fine motor skills while understanding the concept of opposites.

Create a game to review the opposites day and night!

When children become active learners in any activity they are able to understand and retain the information. Integrating fine and gross motor skills through playing a game to understand a concept such as day vs. night will be a fun way for them to classify the world around them.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Day and Night Images 

Cardboard tube

Two cardboard boxes



Learning Outcomes


Cognitive and Physical


Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills and Expressive Language


Expressive Language (Speaking) 

Earth Science and Environment

Physical Health, Growth 

Gross Motor Development 

Fine Motor Development


Step 1:

Find two similar cardboard boxes. Cut an arch in one side of each box that is large enough to allow a ball to pass through easily. 

Step 2:

Print and bring out the images of Day and Night. Lay them on the floor. Place a box over each picture so that the arches face the same direction.

Step 3:

Set a ball a few feet away from the boxes. Invite a child to use a cardboard tube to knock the ball through the arch into a box (if it's easier, have the child roll the ball). 

Step 4:

Did it land on the day or night picture? Lift the box to see. If it landed on the day picture, lead the children in making circles with their arms to represent the sun. If it landed on the night picture, everyone should lie down and pretend to sleep.

Step 5: 

Repeat to give each child at least one turn to hit the ball. Rearrange the pictures from time to time to add an element of surprise to the game.

Playful Questions

When do you see the sun?

When do you see the moon?

Is the sun bright?

Is the moon dark? 

When do you sleep? 

When are you awake?

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