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Dancing Hearts

Get your children talking about hearts with this fun and exciting science experiment. This is a great way to introduce Valentine’s Day and get your children to describe events in more detail.

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Let’s dance with those hearts!

This fun science experiment can help build on a child’s communication and how they describe events. You can start things off with a book if you want and then go into gathering your resources for this activity. Let the child pour the water and drop it into the hearts to the glass. Finally, add the Alka Seltzer tablets and catch their face on camera! 

📚 Books to explore: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli; The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll; Love Splat by Rob Scotton.

🖌️ Messy ALERT! - This craft can get messy so make sure to put down some newspaper or create outside.

🔀 Change it up - What other things can you add to the water and make it dance?


For this activity you will need:

4 Alka Seltzer tablets 

1 cup of water 

A handful of conversation hearts 

Drinking glass

Learning Outcomes


Communication, Language, and Literacy


Using Descriptive Language


Using sentences to describe object and events


Step 1:

Pour the water into a glass.

Step 2:

Drop-in 3-4 hearts.

Step 3:

Add the Alka Seltzer tablets .

Step 4:

Sit back and watch the hearts dance!

Playful Questions

What happened when we added the hearts to the water?

What happened when we added the tablets to the water?

Did the hearts change color? 

What happens if we add more hearts to the cup?

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