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Obstacle Course for Crawlers

As infants develop physically, giving them opportunities to move around on different heights and textures in a safe space will help them with problem solving as well as strengthening development of muscles.

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Infants will love crawling their way through an obstacle course

Creating a simple obstacle course in your classroom with items you already have will help infants take risks, solve problems, and strengthen their muscles and core while having so much fun!

If you have little tunnels or soft pillows and mats that you can set up, infants will love following through. If you place a ball or attractive item like bright ribbons or a mirror at different “checkpoints,” it will attract the infants to continue through the course.

Having different textures and varying heights is a great way to help their cognitive skills develop. This will cause them to have to make choices and use different body parts to get through the obstacle course. Ultimately, their fine motor and gross motor skills will be strengthened all while having so much fun with you!


Large pillows

Baby tunnels or hand-made tunnels with cardboard boxes

Gym mats, wedges, climb-on soft blocks

Tarp or saran wrap that sticks to floor

Balls or ribbon to place along the way

Learning Outcomes




Spatial exploration


Moving around barriers

Distinguishing actions from outcomes

Crawling on hands and knees


Step 1:

Find a space in the room where you can have a start and a finish. Some infants will go off course and go the opposite direction, which is perfectly okay.

Step 2:

Show and guide the infants on how to make their way through the course. Start with easy things like low mats or saran wrap or blankets. Then have tunnels, pillows, etc. with inclines and declines.

Step 3:

When the infants make their way to the end, have something attractive for them to reach for at the end like a favorite toy or a teacher there to cheer them on!

Step 4:

You can certainly do this outside as well with pool noodles, tunnels, and mats.

Playful Questions

What textures are my favorite? (soft, hard, crunchy, smooth)

If I could go on any adventure, where would I go?

With younger Infants you can use statements like, “this is soft” “this is hard” - oooooo, feel this!

Do you like how this feels?

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