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Counting Stars Activity

Stars are such a fun theme to explore. If you’re lucky, you can find lots of different star shaped stickers at the dollar store or craft store. These are a great resource to use to practice counting - plus they help children practice their fine motor skills!

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Count the stars in the night sky!

Children absolutely adore stickers. It’s fun for them to use a whole page of stickers and decide where they want to put them on their blank canvas. Combine the love of stickers with a beautiful starry sky with our counting stars activity.

👉Pro Tip: Have children touch each star on the flashcard and say the number out loud to practice 1:1 correspondence.

⬆️ Small Fingers? Younger children may have a harder time peeling small stickers from the paper. Grab larger stickers to assist until they ace this skill. 

☀️ Did you know? The sun is also a star!


For this activity you will need:

Free counting stars printable

Stickers (star shaped stickers are great)

Learning Outcomes




Determining Quantity


Counting to determine the quantity


Step 1:

Print out our free star printables. 

Step 2:

Encourage your child to first identify the numbers on the cards.

Step 3:

Next, have them take a sticker from the sticker page and place it beside the number in the blank space. The number of stickers should match the number on the card.

Step 4: 

Once they’ve placed the stickers on each card, have them count to ensure the number of stickers matches the number on each card.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Challenge older children by having them write each number in different ways (using a tally, written, numerically etc).

⬇️ For younger toddlers: You can help younger children with counting by placing the number of stars on each of the number cards ahead of time. This way, they can quickly and easily see how many stars should be on each number card and match it on the right side in the blank space.

Playful Questions

Can you create a number card with only one color of stickers?

Can you create a pattern of colors on your number card?

Have you ever seen a star at night?

If we added up all the stars on our number card, how many would we have?

Can you trace each number with your finger first?

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