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Construction Sensory Bin

This is a fun activity for the kiddos to get their hands “dirty” without making too much of a mess. Toddlers will use lots of imagination and creativity as they take a birds-eye view of their very own play construction site using items you already have lying around. Be prepared for lots of questions!

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Get ready for a construction site to come to your house!

This is a fun and easy activity that you can set aside so the kiddos can come back to it over and over again. It allows your child to have open ended play as they add and subtract toys to make their imaginary construction zone come to life. And the best part? It’s super easy to set up with items that you already have around your home or child care center.

🧭 Go on an adventure! Go out into your yard and play a game of I Spy to find everything you want to place in your sensory bin.

📚 Books to explore: Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia, Roadwork by Sally Sutton, and Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney.

✨Play for longer. This is a very open-ended activity so it can be re-used for several days. You can also add or remove items from the bin to make it feel brand new again.


For this activity you will need:

Bin (medium size)

Rice or dry noodles (e.g. macaroni)

Small plastic construction trucks 


Rocks and sticks (optional)

Learning Outcomes






Coordinating sense with motor skills in increasingly complex ways


Step 1:

If you are able to, have your toddler accompany you while you gather all your sensory bin materials.

Step 2:

Fill a medium-sized bin halfway with your “dirt” (rice or noodles).

Step 3:

Place small construction trucks in the “dirt” along with some blocks, rocks and sticks if you have them available.

Step 4:

Let your kiddo explore the construction site through open-ended play. 

⬆️ For preschoolers: Let those older children really build structure in this activity and be independent. Ask them what they should put in their bin and let them create it through the questions you ask. Encourage them to use blocks to construct houses or other structures.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Guide your kiddo with questions and help them think about their answers as you have them create the sensory bin. Basic questions go a long way!

Playful questions

What do construction trucks do? 

What noise do they make?

What is your favorite constriction truck?

Why do you think construction trucks are big?

Where do we find construction trucks?

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