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Community Kwanzaa Process Art

Process art is a great way to get children to think outside the box. This activity allows children to create unique and individual works of art to be displayed in a group. Children will love finding their artwork amongst a group of paintings. We’ve used the colors that represent Kwanzaa; red, black, and green. The community aspect is an important symbol during Kwanzaa as it represents unity amongst the people during this holiday.

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Create a community of artwork through this Kwanzaa-themed process art activity!

Process art is a technique used to help children take their time and really plan out their artwork. Oftentimes in the classroom, we’re so focused on the end result of the artwork and having it look like the “example” that the process isn’t that enjoyable. Use this opportunity to let children explore how they want to paint their canvas and enjoy the process rather than the final product! This is a great way to open the conversation about Kwanzaa and the colors are seen throughout this holiday as well as unity and community!

📚Get inspired: Kwanzaa by Deborah M. Newton Chocolate is a great book to open the discussion around this holiday and the importance of unity.

❗ Pro Tip! Children will love to layer on the paint. Canvases are a great thing to use for this project as card stock may get soaked during the process of exploring. 

🌳 Get Outside! Bring this activity outside to reel in the mess factor! You can set up the canvas horizontally on the group or vertically on a fence for unique results.


For this activity you will need:

Blank canvas

Paint (black, green and, red for the colors of Kwanzaa)


Spray bottles, old dish detergent bottles, squeeze bottles etc.

Learning Outcomes




Identity Formation


Understanding that they’re part of a community and the role they play.


Step 1:

Start by filling up your recyclable containers with paint and water. You’ll want a 70/30 paint to water ratio. 

Step 2:

Set up your canvases in an area you don’t mind getting messy.

Step 3:

Let children paint their canvases until they’re happy!

Step 4: 

Let them dry and hang in a visible area for the children to see. When you create multiple pieces, children will love seeing their unique artwork in a group of paintings! It brings them a sense of independence and community

⬆️ For older preschoolers:  If you’re using recyclable materials for this activity, have the children bring them in from home, it’ll open up a new conversation around recycling! 

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Younger ones may have a hard time holding and controlling the spray bottle. Opt for a squeeze bottle with a smaller hole to control the flow!

Playful Questions

What would happen if we added more water than paint to our mixture?

What happens if we use the spray bottle really far away and up close to our canvas?

Can you create dots on your artwork?

What other activities have you done to work together with friends?

Why is it important to work together with our friends?

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