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Coloring the Days of the Week!

This activity uses a combination of skills and understanding. The children will use memory, fine motor, as well as an understanding of phonics as they match up the words and learn what the days of the week look like.

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Engage your children in coloring and learning the days of the week

There are many ways for children to learn the days of the week, from the “days of the week” song to calendar time and during conversation. This activity is to help the children learn in writing what the words look like of each week and gives them room for creativity as they color, cut and glue.

If this is younger preschoolers, you can always precut them out and just have them color them in and work on gluing them together. For older preschoolers, have them say the word as they match them up and a reminder that order is important.


Print out the days off the week in bubble letters, twice



Markers, or Crayons

Learning Outcomes




Phonological awareness


Identifying specific letter sounds and syllables


Step 1:

Print off two sheets of the days of the week in order and in boxes

Step 2:

Have the children up their name on one piece of paper and set it to the side

Step 3:

Give the children markers or crayons to color in the words

Step 4:

During this time talk about the days of the week and their order in which they appear

Step 5:

When they are finished, give them scissors to cut out each box that surrounds the word.

Step 6:

Let them glue the word down on the piece of paper you set aside

Step 7:

Send home their success for the family to see!

Playful Questions

How many days are in a week?

What are the days of the week?

What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

What day is today?

Which days are the weekend?

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