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Color Scavenger Hunt

Send the kiddos on a fun adventure outside or throughout your home! Children will burn off their energy while eagerly searching for all of the surprises that match the colors in the included sheet.

Download and Print

Activity PDF

Let the searching — and learning — begin!

The best part of this activity is that it’s so versatile! The thrill of finding a hidden treasure never gets old, and there are so many aspects of this activity that can be switched up to keep it fresh and exciting over and over again. This activity will keep a child’s interest for extended periods of time while they burn excess energy moving around to find the objects that match the colors.

🧭 Adventures to be found everywhere! You can switch up this activity many times to really challenge your little ones. One day you can have them only find objects in the backyard, the next day in your basement, then in their bedroom, and so on.

📋 Give older kiddos more of a challenge. When they’re ready, have your child find objects by a different theme, such as what letter they start with or by texture.


For this activity you will need:

Printable scavenger hunt sheet

Learning Outcomes






Finding items by color. Sorting items into groups


Step 1:

Print out the scavenger hunt sheet PDF document.

Step 2:

Choose a secure location to conduct the activity.

Step 3:

Explore the environment and have the child find each object that matches each color swatches that they are holding.

💡 Extend this activity! Once the hunt is over, explore each object beyond their colors to discuss what they are used for, organize them by texture (fuzzy/hard/soft), and anything else you can think of!

Playful Questions

What color was the easiest to find?

What color was the hardest to find?

How many (insert color here) objects do you think we can find?

What is your favorite color?

Can you put all of the soft items that we found in one pile?

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