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Paper Windsock Craft

This art activity is a great addition to any classroom or for hanging inside a home. Children will get to practice their fine motor skills and the finished product looks great swaying in a gentle breeze! Add some flair to the raindrops with different shades of blue or adding fun poems to the back of each one!

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Brighten up your classroom on a rainy day!

Bring the rain inside with these beautiful cloud and raindrop windsocks! This activity may require a bit more guidance than usual for assembly. Children will love pulling apart cotton balls and putting together the windsock. Hang these crafts in a breezy place and watch the clouds and raindrops sway!

✂️ Work smarter, not harder! Young children may have a hard time cutting out the raindrops; help them out by pre-cutting a handful of them all at once. This way, they can grab one, tape it to their string, and continue on without getting discouraged!  

💨 Did you know? Typically, a windsock is used to determine wind speed according to the angle at which the windsock is at.  

❄️ Tis’ the season: Switch up this craft seasonally for year-round decor! Snowflakes, fall-colored leaves, rainbows and flowers make great decorations!


For this activity you will need:

Blue construction paper

Cotton balls



Hole punch




Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor (tool use)


Cutting paper with scissors


Step 1:

Start by pulling apart a few cotton balls and gluing them to your blue construction paper. Once dry, roll the paper into a tube shape and tape together.

Step 2:

Using a hole punch, make a few holes along the bottom of the sock (keep about ½ inch from the bottom to avoid rips).

Step 3:

Cut strands of yarn/string and feed them through each hole, tying a knot at the end of the windsock.

Step 4: 

Cut out several raindrop shapes on blue construction paper and tape them to the other end of the string.

Step 5:

Once everything is secure, make two more holes opposite each other at the top of the sock and thread string through to secure.

Step 6:

Hang outside or in an open area and watch the windsocks sway on a breezy day in the wind!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: This activity can be completely independent for them; they may just need help to remember the steps! Encourage them to write a poem or a fun fact about rain on each raindrop for other children to explore!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: This craft can be quite labor intensive for younger children. Take breaks often and help them out by pre-cutting the raindrops and string.

Playful Questions

How many raindrops can we fit on our windsock?

What would happen if we hung our windsocks outside?

Can you use the raindrops to write a letter from your name on each one?

How can we use this windsock to help us tell the weather outside?

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