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Printable Christmas Memory Game

You have probably played a memory game with your kiddos before, but it is always great to change it up with a holiday-specific theme. This free printable game is perfect to exercise their memories and teach some new Christmas words at the same time. Plus, sometimes you need a last-minute plan B for when your Christmas craft doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Download and Print

Activity PDF

Engage your students with this fun printable game

There is a reason why memory games are a classic among kids and adults alike. They are quick and fun, and the level of challenge can be easily adapted by adding or removing tiles from the game.

You don’t need to buy any materials for this craft. All you need is some paper, a pair of scissors and your good-old printer (hopefully it will be working this time - you know how printers can be a bit unpredictable).

You can cut all the pieces in advance, or let the children cut the pieces themselves. This will take some extra time, but they will also be able to exercise their fine motor skills by cutting the straight lines one the paper.

Choose as many tiles as you see fit for the age of your students. If you see the game is too challenging for them, and it is starting to become frustrating, just remove some pieces. On the other hand, if it is too easy, just add them all in. Be sure to check if they are familiar with all the Christmas words on the pieces, and review as many as you need.


For each set you will need:

2 copies of the printable resource



Learning Outcomes






Using memory strategies of rehearsal and organization


Step 1:

Download the PDF resource provided and print 2 copies of the activity for each complete set. You can give a set for each student (so them can bring it home), or have them play together in small groups.

Step 2:

Help the kiddos to cut the printable resource into the pieces of the game, or cut them yourself in advance, if you have less time available for the game.

Step 3:

Display all the pieces with their face up on a table, and after giving the kids some time to memorize, turn them with their face down.

Step 4:

You know the rules. The objective is to find the matching pairs. Every time a kid finds a matching pair, remove it from the game.

Playful Questions

Where should we start?

How many pieces do we have?

What is your favorite Christmas decoration? Why?

When was the last time you saw a X? 

How many pieces are left in the game?