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Paper Plate Christmas Craft - Snowman

You don't have to wish for a white Christmas in order to make these adorable snowmen. This activity with paper plates is perfect if you are looking for a low-budget craft that kids can take home. Using only simple materials, your kiddos will have the opportunity to exercise their fine motor skills, while having a lot of fun.

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Nothing says winter like a snowman

Paper plates are just perfect for doing quick crafts with your students. You always have at least a few plates lying around, and if you don’t, they are super easy to find anywhere. Plus, they are affordable and biodegradable, which means you don’t have to worry about generating unnecessary plastic waste.

There are many different Christmas crafts that you can do using paper plates, and you probably did at least one of them yourself when you were in preschool. From Christmas trees to garlands, anything is possible with this versatile material.

Using paper plates can teach a valuable lesson to your kiddos about upcycling. They will learn that even simple day-to-day objects can be transformed into a beautiful craft with a little effort and creativity.

For this activity, we will use plain white plates. They are perfect for Christmas crafts because their snowy color matches the winter scenery. Also, this means that you will save some time painting the plates, and generates a little less mess for you to clean. We are all about painting and expression, but some days you just need something that is a bit tidier.


For each snowman you will need:

2 paper plates


Adhesive tape

Felt in assorted colors

School glue

1 set of googly eyes

Pipe cleaners

Felt pen markers

Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor


Cutting paper with scissors


Step 1:

Distribute two plates for each child, and ask them to tape them together to form the head and body of the snowman. You can use plates in different sizes to make the body bigger, but in this case we are using both of them on the same size. If you prefer, you can tape them together in advance to make the activity easier for the kiddos.

Step 2:

Invite the children to choose the felt colors that they like the most and cut them to form gloves, shoes, and a nose. You can also cut these in advance if you prefer. Use as many colors as you want, and let the children personalize their own snowman.

Step 3:

Ask the kids to tape the gloves and the shoes to the back of the paper plates. They can also use pipe cleaners for the arms if you have them available.

Step 4:

Help the students to glue the googly eyes, buttons and nose to form the snowman’s face. They can use felt pen markers to add final touches such as mouth and hair, if they like. It is time to let their creativity flow!

Step 5:

As a final optional step, gather the kids in a circle and let them take turns in describing their snowman. You can ask if they have a name for it, what it is wearing, and how it is feeling.

Playful Questions

Where should we start?

What color are the materials?

Have you ever built a snowman?

How do you like to play in the snow?

What is the name of your snowman?

What emotion is your snowman feeling?

What is your snowman wearing?