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Catch a Star Game

Children love to see how high they can jump! This activity is easy to set up and will help get the wiggles out while practicing some letter recognition. This gross motor activity will have your children jumping for joy!

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Jump to the stars and beyond!

Have energetic children? Then this is the activity for you! This activity is fairly easy to set up and children will love the challenge of catching (and ripping) down each star. The bonus is that they get a bit of a workout in! Plus, you can add letters (or sight words) to each card and have your children practice saying them out loud. After all the fun and games are over, race to see who can clean up the fastest! Double win!

🕒 Social Distancing Friendly: Create different areas for children to catch their stars and have it be a race against the clock, whoever catches the most wins! 

🅰️ Increase the Complexity: Some children may find it easy to yell out each letter they catch; have them yell out a word that starts with that letter to increase the difficulty.

3️⃣ Be Inclusive! Shorter children or children who are practicing their jumping skills may get discouraged by not being able to catch all the stars. If you’re doing this in a group, limit the stars to 3 per child to give other children a chance to play!


For this activity you will need:

Streamers (or string)

Construction paper



Clear tape/painter’s tape

Template of a star (optional)

Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor


Jumping up and down on the spot


Step 1:

Start by tracing several stars on construction paper and cutting them out. Aim to have around 10 stars per child - this game will go fast!

Step 2:

Once cut out, write a letter (or sight word) on the back of each star.

Step 3:

Cut long strips from your streamers and tape one end to the ceiling. It should hang a few inches to a foot above each child’s head (make some shorter ones for shorter friends too!).

Step 4: 

Tape the star on the other end of the streamer closest to the ground and encourage your children to jump and catch a star! Once they catch one, they should say the letter on the star out loud.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Write sight words instead of letters to encourage their literacy skills.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Younger children may not be familiar with letters yet. Print off actions they can perform to keep their blood pumping (squats, jumping jacks, downward dogs, etc.).

Playful Questions

Can you catch the star that has a letter in your name on it?

How many stars are there with the letter “K” on it?

What’s the highest star you can touch?

How many stars did you collect?

How many stars can you collect in 30 seconds?

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