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Catch a Cloud

Up, up and away! Kids will love to race around and catch all the balloons in the air. Take this activity outside and use mother nature as an advantage. Can you catch them when a big gust of wind hits?

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Catch them if you can!

This activity is sure to get out the zoomies! Perfect for a rainy day inside or take it outside and see what mother nature has in store for the balloons and their destination!

🎶 Move to the beat: This activity can be modified for group settings by adding in music. Encourage the children to move freely along with the music you play to really express themselves!

🎈 Reduce and reuse! Have leftover balloons half full of helium from a party? Don’t throw them out - use them for this activity. They’ll float a bit easier which is great for younger ones!

🚫 Be Careful!  Some child care centers do not allow balloons in the classroom as they pose a choking hazard if put in the mouth. Get creative by using a beach ball instead!


For this activity you will need:

White balloons


Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor


Gaining the ability to control their movements


Step 1:

Blow up a few white balloons. This task might be tricky for younger kiddos but definitely a great activity for older kiddos to expand their lungs!

Step 2:

Set up a fan in an open area and start by turning it on low. Have your child stand near the fan ready to catch some balloons. 

Step 3:

Start with one balloon at a time and throw the balloons in front of the fan. Encourage your child to play keep up with the balloon clouds.

Step 4: 

Once your child is more comfortable, turn the speed on the fan up or toss in more balloons to keep the game going and to keep them on their toes. Be extra careful not to drop any clouds!

⬆️ For older preschoolers:  Older kiddos love a competition. Make this a game if you have a group of children - who can keep the most clouds afloat? Can you keep them up without moving your feet?

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Younger toddlers will love the floating clouds and one may be all they need! Play an easy game of catch and focus on keeping one balloon up without a fan or adding more cloud balloons.

Playful Questions

How many clouds can you keep up at once?

How high can you push your cloud?

If we turn the fan up will it make it easier or harder to keep the clouds up?

What would happen if we have a fan that turns as it blows air?

Can you keep up the clouds while balancing on one foot?

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