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Carousel Horse

Children will experience using their imagination and creating their own carousel horse.

Round and round we go on a carousel horse!

Children will love observing and helping connect all of the materials together to create a carousel horse. This activity allows children to really help with the process, while being encouraged to think of what they are going to create on their blank canvas (their cup).


For this developmental activity you will need:

Paper Cups

Colored Horses (see related activity)

Scissors, Tape & a Ball-Point Pen

Curling Ribbon


Learning Outcomes


Cognitive, Language


Observation and Inquiry, Receptive Language (Listening), Visual Arts


Children will complete a carousel horse.


Step 1:

Use the ball-point pen to punch a hole in the base of the paper cup.

Step 2:

Assist the children to tape their horse to straw and insert it into the hole so the horse will stand.

Step 3:

Offer the child pieces of ribbon and invite them to decorate their carousel horse.

Activity Author

Photo of Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes
Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes| Early Childhood Educators

Play to Grow is an online platform that provides virtual learning experiences for children in their early years. Our mission at Play to Grow is not only to offer unique educational opportunities but more importantly to keep little minds active, engaged, and excited to learn while promoting social and emotional development in lieu of traditional learning.

Playful Questions

What does a carousel horse do? Can you show how a carousel horse goes round and round?

What sound does a horse make?

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