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Can Crash

This is a great activity for building gross and fine motor skills.

Let's knock those can's over!

Children will really have their hands in this activity from beginning to end. They will utilize their creativity and artistic skills to decorate the cans. Once the cans are ready children will love tossing or rolling the balls at the cans. They will love to repeat it over and over again.

Infants: Will love rolling a ball and crawling after it, they also may continue to follow it as it rolls.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Clean empty cans (no sharp edges)

Colorful paper



Crayons, markers, or pencil crayons


Learning Outcomes




Physical health, Growth, Gross Motor Development, Fine motor development


Physical development, trust and relationships.


Step 1:

Wrap the cans with the colourful paper, secure with tape.

Step 2:

Invite the children to decorate the cans with colourful designs

Step 3:

Set the cans up outdoors.  Line them up or stack them, your choice!

Step 4: 

Children take turns rolling the ball towards the cans to make them CRASH!

For infants: Roll a ball along the ground and see if the infant will crawl after it!  Give the baby space to explore pushing and rolling the ball on their own.

Playful Questions

What colors and shapes would you like to see on your cans?

Can you draw or paint on all sides of the can?

How will you hit the cans? Will you you throw the ball or roll it?

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