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Camping Bingo - Free Printable

Camping bingo is a great way to get your kiddos ready for a big outdoor adventure. They can learn about all the supplies they will need to bring on a camping trip and have some fun by trying to be the first to achieve BINGO! Also they'll focus on recognizing patterns and matching visuals in this fun game.

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Gather Camping supplies in this BINGO game!

Going on an adventure is every kids dream, so get them ready with this Camping Bingo! They'll learn all about the supplies you need to take camping and learn all about what it's like to survive in the gret outdoors before they even get there, all while playing an engaging game of Bingo! The set up for this game is so simple you'll have your little ones shouting bingo in just a few minutes! All you need to get started is our free printable, some scisoors to cut out the calling cards and some markers for the kiddos to mark of their bing cards!

Learning Outcomes




Identifying patterns


Identifying, creating, copying and extending patterns

Playful Questions

  • Have you ever spent the night in a tent?

  • What kind of things would you like to eat while camping?

  • Have you ever had a s'more? Do you like them?

  • What kind of activities could you do while camping?

  • What other camping supplies would you need to bring?

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