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Bumble Bee Craft

The activity is a fun way to explore the magical world of bumble bees! Your kiddo will use their creative side to create patterns while using their fine motor skills. This is also a great time to talk with your kiddos about bee safety and conservation so they can keep themselves out of harm’s way while respecting all of the ways that these little creatures benefit the planet.

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Get crafty with your kiddos while exploring bees!

This is a fun activity to get the creativity flowing! Start with a book about bees or go for a walk and see if you can spot any in your neighborhood (from a safe distance). Then get to work on this crafty art project. Using simple patterns and shapes, various elements will come together to form an adorable bee that the kids will create all by themselves!

📚 Books to explore: The Very Greedy Bee by Steve Smallman, Bees in the City by Andrea Cheng, and Are You a Bee? by Judy Allen.

🌎 The planet’s little helpers. Did you know that 30% of crops and 90% of all plants require cross-pollination to spread and thrive? Thanks, bees!

🦺 Stay safe. Use this opportunity to teach kids how to avoid being stung when they see a real bee outside


For this activity you will need:

  • Paint brushes 

  • Black and yellow paint

  • Pencil or marker

  • Scissors 

  • Glue or tape 

  • White paper (2 sheets)

  • Back pipe cleaners

Learning Outcomes






Connecting artwork to their past experiences or to emotions, feelings and thoughts


Step 1:

Have the kiddo paint black and yellow stripes of paint onto the entire sheet of paper. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 2:

While the paint is drying, create the eyes. Cut two circles out of the second piece of white paper and use a paintbrush or black marker to draw a circle in the middle of each cutout.

Step 3:

Cut a narrow triangle out of the white paper to create the stinger. Use a paintbrush or marker to color it black.

Step 4:

Use 2 pipe cleaners to create antennae by bending them into spirals, angled lines or whatever other shape you like.

Step 5:

Once the striped page is dry, use a pencil to draw a bee shape onto the page (a rectangle that is a bit narrower on one side and has rounded corners). Cut the shape out using scissors.

Step 6:

Glue or tape the antennae, eyes and stinger in place.

Step 7:

Hang the bee on the fridge or elsewhere to showcase the kiddo’s work!

⬆️ For older kiddos: Encourage the children to use their creativity to use different patterns, shapes and colors for their bees.

⬇️ For younger kiddos: Use hand over hand to help younger children paint, cut and glue the different components of this craft.

Playful Questions

  • What colors are bees?

  • What do bees make?

  • How do bees make a “buzz” sound?

  • Where do bees live?

  • How does a bee make honey?

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