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Build-A-Bear Paper Plate Craft

Practice fine motor skills and artistic process with this adorable, fuzzy bear! Kids will love ripping up paper into small bits and planning out how they want their fuzzy bear to look. Switch up the color of construction paper for different bear types - grizzly bear, polar bear, even koala bears!

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Process art is a good way to get children to practice planning out their artwork by thinking ahead about how they want their art to look and how much paper and materials they’ll need. This is an easily transferable skill to other aspects of their learning. Grab some construction paper and start ripping!

1️⃣ Break It Down: This activity has a lot of steps in it for younger children. Break it up into chunks or help them with the design of the ears and mouth to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.

👀 Did You Know? Bears have a strong sense of smell, vision, and hearing...better than humans!

🐻 DIY It: Poke holes where the eyes would be and attach a string to the back of the paper plate for a quick mask for children!


For this activity you will need:

Brown construction paper (2 shades)

Pink construction paper

Black marker/crayon

Googly eyes (or white paper)

Paper plate

Glue stick


Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor


Beginning to plan out their artwork process


Step 1:

Start by having the paper plate in front of the child and informing them that this will be their canvas. They’ll then need to rip up enough brown construction paper to cover the plate.

Step 2:

Once they’re satisfied with the amount of brown construction paper they’ve ripped up, have them glue it onto their plate. Once dry, it’s time to make the ears, eyes, mouth, and nose!

Step 3:

Next, for your ears, take your brown construction paper and draw 2 capital Ds on it for the shape of your bears’ ears. Cut them out and glue a small, pink, capital D from the pink construction paper to the middle of the brown construction paper. Glue to the top of the bear.

Step 4: 

For the nose and mouth, cut a small circle from the lighter colored piece of brown construction paper. Draw a large circle towards the top of the cutout and from the circle a long line with two “hooks” at the bottom for the nostrils. Glue to the bottom of the bear’ face.

Step 5: 

Once everything is glued down and dried, you’ll be left with a cute bear face- rawr!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Give them full control of this activity and how they want the bear to look. Even if the ears are too low and the mouth is too small, they’ll love the autonomy they’re being given!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: The ripping process of the paper should be the main focus for younger children. Drawing the nose, mouth etc. might be quite challenging for younger children.

What does a bear’s fur feel like?

How did you know you had enough brown construction paper squares for the bears’ face?

How does a bear’s fur keep it warm during colder seasons?

Have you ever seen a bear before?

Do you know different types of bears?

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