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Bubbly Juice Floats

Introduce new foods and words with this delicious (and nutritious) tasting activity for preschoolers!

Explore food and language for a delicious learning experience!

Anytime a child is given the opportunity to cook it is a great teaching tool because they are provided the opportunity to practice life skills! Children will sample the different tastes that have been placed in front of them and enhance their language as they describe what they are using and how it tastes.  

When children are involved in the kitchen they feel proud and capable of doing things that most adults do on a day-to-day basis. They become more aware of how things are made and learn the joy of trying new things.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Fruit juice

Club Soda 

Clear plastic cups


Frozen yogurt

Learning Outcomes


Language, Physical


Descriptive Language, Fine Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination, Senses


Using new vocabulary.

Using full sentences.


Step 1:

Partially fill clear plastic cups with fruit juice. 

Step 2:

As children watch, add some club

soda. Now the juice has bubbles. 

Step 3:

Top with a scoop of frozen yogurt. Make one for each child. 

Step 4:

Have children wash their hands before enjoying this nice, bubbly drink. Yum!

Playful Questions

What color is the juice?

Have you had bubbly water?

What flavor is the juice?

Is the yogurt cold or hot?

Where did we get these ingredients?

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