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Children will work together bouncing toys up and down, while developing their hand-eye coordination.

Let's have some parachute fun together!

This activity is a great way to bring the children together. Collectively they will bounce the toys up and down with the parachute. It is a great way to help develop self confidence, gross motor skills and getting the children up and moving!

Older Toddlers: Can try bouncing toys high and low. Once they have grasped this concept they can try wiggling the parachute so that the toys move in different directions.


For this developmental activity you will need:


Soft toys Print or record the “Bouncing Toys" poem (see instructions)

Learning Outcomes




Physical Health, Growth Gross Motor Development, Self Awareness and Self Concept


Children will use hand-eye coordination to move toys up and down on a parachute.


Step 1:

Use a space that is large enough to spread a parachute and stand around it so no one can bump into anything. Gather students around the parachute. Practice holding the edges and lifting and lowering a few times.

Step 2:

Have children say “up” when the parachute goes up, and “down” when the parachute goes down.

Step 3:  

When children are comfortable with that motion, add some soft toys. Before bringing it all up at once, ask students what they think will happen to the toys? 

Step 4:

While bouncing the toys up in the air, recite the “Bouncing toys” poem and have children say the poem with you. 

Bouncing Toys

Bounce, toys, bounce.

Up and down.

Bounce, toys, bounce.

All around.

Playful Questions

How many toys can you count?

What colors do you see?

What parts of your body are you moving?

How can bounce the toys off of the parachute? Can we do this together?

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