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Body Bubbles

Introduce language to create more self awareness about the anatomy of the body through song and fine motor skill play.

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Songs are great ways to further develop a child’s language!

When learning about the body, a song that explores movement and different body parts will deepen children's understanding. 

Integrating and extending the experience with a hands-on activity where the child is to place bubbles on the body, while learning the names of different body parts, is a great way to deepen their understanding while refining their fine motor skills.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Body Bubbles Early Learning Materials (see Resources)


Body Cut Out 

Sticker Dots

Learning Outcomes




Receptive Language (Listening), Expressive Language (Speaking), Music, Movement and Dance, Self-Awareness and Self-Concept


Use receptive and expressive language to enhance a child’s understanding of body parts.


Step 1:

Print and bring out the Body Bubbles Early Learning Materials or use a body cut out.  

Step 2:

Show the scene to a group of children and sing the song "Body Bubbles."

Body Bubbles

Sung to "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"

I see bubbles floating lightly through the air!

They are landing on my body everywhere.

Everywhere they land they tickle,

And it makes me want to giggle.

They are landing on my body everywhere.

Invite the children to place the bubbles on the character. Describe their actions. Name the body parts or the clothing the bubbles touch.

Step 3:

Give simple directions for the children to follow as they place the bubbles on the character. 

Step 4:

As they show readiness, try directions with less familiar body parts or more than one-step. Here are some examples:

Touch the girl's hair with a bubble.

Place bubbles on both of the girl's knees.

Place a bubble on the girl's foot and on her shoulder.

Playful Questions

What shape are bubbles? 

Do bubbles float? 

Can you place a sticker bubble on the shoulder? Foot? Belly? Eye? Nose?

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