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Toilet Paper Roll Binocular Craft

Ready for an outdoor adventure? Don’t forget your binoculars so you can see the animals in the forest! This fun craft uses recyclable materials and allows children to use their creativity when decorating their binocular and exploring the great outdoors.

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Venture outside and see what you can find!

Who still has extra toilet paper tubes lying around? Put them to great use with this easy binocular craft. This activity allows children to explore their creative side by decorating the outside of the binoculars and invites children outside to explore. What animals will you spot in your binoculars?

🌲New Game Alert! Take the game I-Spy to the next level by using binoculars to “spy” different colored objects outside!

Did You Know? Binoculars are used to magnify objects that are far away, meaning we can use them to see far away objects as if they were right in front of us!

👓 Not All Eyes Are The Same: Some children (or even adults!) may not be able to see the same things at the same distance. This can be discouraging to some children. Keep this in mind when facilitating the activity as some children might not be able to see far away objects without a visual aid.


For this activity you will need:

Toilet paper rolls (2 per child)

Construction paper

Double-sided tape or glue sticks


Washi tape

Stickers, markers and/or crayons


Hole punch or sharp scissors

Learning Outcomes






Exchanging ideas and materials during play


Step 1:

Cut your construction paper to a rough size to cover your toilet paper tube fully. Repeat this step with the other roll.

Step 2:

Join the two tubes together using washi tape across the tubes near the end. You’ll need two strips of washi tape. If you don’t have access to washi tape, masking tape works well too. 

Step 3:

Decorate the outside of the tubes with stickers, markers, glitter, etc.

Step 4: 

Once decorated, make a hole near the washi tape on the sides of the tubes.

Step 5:

String through some string through the holes and knot it to prevent the string from coming out.

Step 6:

Ta-Da — you now have your own binoculars! Use this outside on your next adventure to see what you’ll find! 

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Encourage older children to use descriptive language when looking through the binoculars. Does the object they see look like a furry animal or like a strong, tall tree? Encouraging them to use this descriptive language will help broaden their vocabulary, too! 

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Decorating the binoculars may be the most accessible part of this activity for them and that’s ok! Let them put as many (or as little) stickers/paint/drawings on their binoculars as they want to increase their autonomy and help with decision-making skills.

Playful Questions

Do the binoculars help you see further?

If I stand beside you and you look straight ahead, can you see me through the binoculars? Why not?

What types of instruments do we use to look at things up close?

Have you ever used real binoculars? What did you notice?

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